Ruby's Story

 Mission Statement:                                                           

Our mission is to build self esteem by creating your aura matching fragrance so you can glow with confidence. To unite your inner and outer true selves and present yourself more authentically in the world.

Ruby's Story:                                                                                  

Ruby has a gift, she’s had it for as long as she can remember, she just didn’t know it was a gift. Ruby can see your aura. She thought everyone could see the glow of color around everyone else. It wasn’t until she casually mentioned something to her mother when she was 9 about someones’ ‘color’ that she became aware she was different. Ruby has Synesthesia.  It’s a fusion of her five senses that allows her to see your aura. It’s not only color, but Ruby gets a fragrant feeling when she senses your aura. That's why she can identify your signature scent based on your aura. You no longer have to worry about what scent is right for you, Ruby knows.

Ruby only uses natural ingredients as your aura is pure so your scent will be as well. Her goal is to match your inner being with your outer glow and true essence. Ruby wants to help you be more you. Know your glow, realize your scent and be confident in presenting your whole, authentic self to the world. RuAura is a collaboration with the fragrance company TranceEssence.